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Chat FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

1. What is Teen-Video-Chat.com? And When did this chat start ?
Teen Video Chat is the most advanced, secure teenager chat room with audio and video enabled. We started since 1st February 2006 making the most secure teen chat in the world.

2. What is teen audio video chat ?
Audio Video chat ( AV chat ) is our teenager chat room feature which is available for teens to have an audio video chat using cams and microphone or either one with each other in any chat room . Now with video software let us to have audio video conference in the room one to one, one to many or many to many. Isnt that cool?

3. How can I use my web cam and microphone in this chat room ?

Its easy. There is 3 steps that you have to follow :
- Please click the cam button : AV (On) to turn it on AV (Off) to turn it off [AV (Audio/Video) Enable/disable AV with this button in an AV room or AV private chat.When disabling AV, any AV streams in the room/chat will be stopped and clear the room from av windows ] .
- Then look at main chat window, the side panel will show up in your main chat window at the right side before the room list. The AV windows in the side panel is belong to the other members and your av streaming windows is in under the main chat window at the typing box. See picture below:


- Last step is : please move your mouse over the silhouette to your av window stream to turn on your cam if you have a webcam ( V ) and microphone ( A ) for audio chat. Then do the same way to the person's AV window you'd like to have an AV chat with.

NOTE: Everytime you log in, it will takes you to the main room. At the moment we set up that main room is a public room. So please make sure that you are aware of what ever you are showing on your cam became a public and people can see or hear you. Also it is better to have one on one AV chat in private for the privacy and quality Audio Video chat.

4. How can I do private chat or private AV chat ?
Its easy. Just highlight the user you want to approach, right click and click on " Request Private Chat " or "Request Private AV Chat".

User Context Menu
Note : for private av chat make sure the person you want to have private chat is having web cam and audio for better quality av chat and a success connection.

5. How can I change my avatars / icons besides my name?
There are two ways to change your avatars. First is click the profile button
User Profile on the top of the screen and when your profile window is open then pick one of any avatar/icon you like. Or you can highlight your own name at the user list panel then right click and click on View Profile. Then when your profile page open you can change your icons/avatars.

6. What should i do if i got a message says : " AV connection rejected " ?
There are few things that can effecting and caused this problem. First : may be it can happened when you still looking or having an AV chat online then one people who's having AV chat with you is leaving the room or disconnected from the chat. If this is happened, your AV streams might still online and didnt froze at all so you dont have to log out , all you have to do is just stopped your av stream and refresh it by click the little cam button to turn it off then press it again to turn it on. Second : If the problem happened when you first entered the chat room and at the right bottom corner you got a message says : AV connections rejected , all you have to do is log out and reboot / restart your PC and try to log in again. But if you still have a same problem try to log out and log in using a different name ( in some case the chat still looking at the old files ) . But if you still can not make the AV working at all please contact webmaster for help.

7. What should i do when i saw someone's Cam frozen?
To have a good quality AV chat you need good internet connections, good bandwith and ofcourse a good quality web cam and mic too. Our main room or lobby is set up as many to many or as converence room. If your internet connection is not fast for example using dial up , please do not expecting your cam session will be as good as broadband or cable connection. For example if you see A's cam frozen please ask the other chatter who watching A's cam if her/his cam frozen or not. If some people have the same problem that means A needs to turn off the cam and refresh it by click the little cam button to turn it off then press it again to turn it on. But If other people doesnt have a problem with A's cam then you need to refresh your AV streams.

8. Then if my cam / mic frozen, what should i do ?
First you need to refresh your stream ( see question no.8 ) and if still doesn't work please try to log out and log in again using a new internet window.

9. Is this chat room working with any kind of internet browser such as AOL, IE, or Firefox ?
Yes it's working well but if you still have a problem to sign in please contact webmaster for more technical support.

10. What should i do if after i clicked the chat button from the front page but the page goes blank and no sign in page open?
Our chat is using Flash software. So please make sure you have the latest Flash software installed in your PC. To install our latest Flash software you can go to front page and you can download for free. But if after you download the flash and the problem still occured please contact webmaster for more info.

11. How many people can I watch or listen to at a time ?
This all depends on your internet speed and the speed of the people your trying to listen to or watch. If your using dialup you will always struggle because you have a slow connection bit you should be able to listen to one person at a time view one cam for limited periods before freezing.

If your using broadband you should be able to view one cam continuously without problems at all times providing the person that your viewing is not sharing their cam with many people as this will slow their cam down. You need to remember that the results are limited by your internet speed and the speed of the people you are trying to watch or listen to. Best results are achieved watching one cam at a time then refresh your av and watch another cam or listen to another audio stream.

Do you not expect to click multi cams and mics and see and hear all it just won't happen because of the limitations of the internet.

12. Why is this chat Using Video ?
Teen Video Chat is the leading real time collaboration and chat software available today. The latest Video Chat utilizes the ubiquitous Flash technology for its web based chat client. Using Flash technology offers near 100% reach to users on various web browsers and Operating Systems. With the fact that Microsoft has dropped Java support in its popular Internet Explorer, it has become even more necessary to provide users with a Flash based interface. Chat software is the latest version of the teen software. TVC offers real time text chat, private and group audio/video conferencing, as well as collaborative features like file sharing, image upload, and more. TVC is considered the de-facto standard when it comes to real time chat software
Security in the most important in internet business. Security Plug-in provides a high level encryption to teenage kids and schools that want to prevent the chat messages from been sent in clear text. proprietary encryption, based on 128 bit session based high strength key algorithm, converts clear text to unreadable phrases before sending them out over the public Internet. .

If your question is not in here yet please contact webmaster for more info. Thank you.







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